High quality, limited edition, numbered and signed prints are available. Most of my paintings are 22″ x 28″, however there are rare exceptions. (For example, the painting “Cornfield with Snow ” is 10″ x 28″ on 24″ x 36″ cotton.) Please contact me for painting specifics.

All prints are 93% to 100% of the original and are sold unframed. Each print is $375.00 US dollars. After payment is received the print will be shipped within 12 working days.

All prints are the highest resolution and color accuracy available. The inks and paper are archival, meaning they’ll look the same 250 years from now. I’ve inspected each print and the colors match or exceed the colors of the original acrylic paintings. These are the absolute best quality.

The number of prints for each painting are limited to editions of either 50 or 100; therefore after the last print of each painting is sold, no more will be produced. All purchases are final. No refunds or exchanges.

Original Paintings
The original acrylic paintings are in some cases still available. Prices vary depending on the notoriety of the work, but typically range from $800 to $6,000 without frames. Shipments of paintings or prints will immediately follow cleared checks. Specifics are available by contacting Dale at:

the price includes framing

For more information, please contact Dale at: